Welland Canal Bridge Status




All the information on this page is taken directly from the St. Lawrence Seaway Corporation website.

IMPORTANT: This website is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the St. Lawrence Seaway Corporation and its Bridge Status page. This is a simple skin on top of the original bridge status data, which is publicly available on the Seaway’s website. By using this page you understand that this information may change without notice and without my knowledge, and thus I cannot guarantee its accuracy. In other words, use this page at your own risk.

Refer to the St. Lawrence Seaway Corporation bridge status page for official bridge status information. You should also read the Seaway’s full disclaimer at the bottom of their page.

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Designed by Sébastien Marchal. ( @smarchal )

Version 1.6 Changelog

Bridge status is currently unavailable through this web app due to a change with the Seaway's website.

An updated version will be live in time for when the canal re-opens in March 2020.

Sorry for the inconvenience!